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Zero is a Nice Number

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Of the many crusaders for a new world order in the last hundred years Muhammad Yunus seems to be one of the most persuasive. His idea of a new world…


India’s Coal Story

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India’s Coal Story – From Damodar to Zambezi by Subhomoy Bhattacharjee, (Sage Publications India, April 2017) is an entertaining as much as an informative read. But to say that ‘Choose…


Total Recall – The Untold Story of Akshaya Patra

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A few corporate stars associated with Akshaya Patra ensured that it got excellent press in recent years. The media has been lapping up the stories of how more than a…


Informative, But Weak on Wish List

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State of India’s Livelihoods Report 2016 By Girija Srinivasan & Narasimhan Srinivasan, March 2017, Sage Publication he second State of India’s Livelihoods (SOIL) report is highly informative and offers rare…


Is There a Vision for a Healthy India?

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This is the story of India in almost all fields – pockets of excellence but rank callousness in everything else. Perhaps primary health is one of the worst, followed by…


Priceless Wisdom of the Common People

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Large scale distress among Indian farmers resulting in hundreds of them committing suicides each year is blamed primarily on their financial plight. A closer look into why they get into…


The Irony of Jobless Growth And Employment

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The Indian economy may be growing at a brisk 7 plus percent, but is it resulting in corresponding growth in employment? It is not. Are the poor households most affected…


$4.5 Trillion Opportunity From Waste to Wealth by 2030

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WASTE TO WEALTH: CREATING ADVANTAGE IN A CIRCULAR ECONOMY by Lacy, Peter, Rutqvist, Jakob, examines how the circular economy is disrupting the way we produce and consume products. It proves…