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What is ManagementNext?

ManagementNext is an eight-year old monthly E-magazine read by over 50,000 executives entrepreneurs and students. (as of January 2013)

  • The magazine is for those who are keen, eager, hungry, paranoid, provocative.
  • It is easy to read and reflect on the Next idea/practice.
  • It promotes Next Practice, not Best Practice (to use late Prof. C K Prahalad’s most powerful idea)

Do you offer only E-Magazine subscriptions?

Yes, we offer only E-magazine subscription now. The print version stopped in April 2012.

Do you offer institutional plans or discounts?

Yes, we offer very attractive institutional subscription plans, with secure password access to all employees or students.

See our Intranet Offer for more information.

Do you allow access on multiple devices?

Yes. You can read on your desktop, tablet, smart phone, E-book reader, download app from iPad and Android app stores www.magzter.com .

Do you offer download options from different sources?

Yes. You can download single copies on digital magazine stores such as www.magzter.com, www.ezinemart.com, www.issuu.com

What’s the cancellation policy?

Your subscription is guaranteed. You can cancel at any time and receive a refund for the remainder of your subscription.

Does ManagementNext have presence in social media?

Yes. Here are the links to our social media accounts to which you can join.

facebook and linkedin.

Do you publish any other E-Magazine?

Yes. We publish SustainabilityNext. It’s purpose is to galvanize a sustainability movement in India among executives, entrepreneurs and students.
It aspires to promote profit oriented approach to sustainable products and services by creating a platform for exchange of ideas, know-how, frameworks and on-field experience.

Check it out in www.sustainabilitynext.in.