Follow Every Rainbow – The inspiring stories of 25 entrepreneurs

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follow every rainbowby Rashmi Bansal
Westland, March 2013

Meena Bindra did it.
Jasu Shilpi did it.
Nina Lekhi did it

Follow Every Rainbow is the story of twenty-five enterprising women who took up a challenge. They raised a family as well as a company, with love, laugher and patience. Managing multiple equations – never giving in or giving up. These stories say one thing, loud and clear. Women think and act differently than men, but they can be just as successful. What ‘success’ means, is something only you can decide.

Celebration – spontaneous or planned – brings joy, fun and positivity to the workplace and has the potential to dramatically affect the bottom-line.

This practical handbook will tell you how celebrations when strategically managed can make your organization a fun place to work in and also result in greater productivity.

So whether you are a HR Manager, business owner or a business leader, soon you will see that a healthy dose of celebration will raise your organization – along with yourself – to higher levels of engagement, productivity, well-being and success… one celebration at a time!!