The Vijay Mallya Story

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vijayBy K. Giriprakash,
Penguin Books Limited, 2014

The Vijay Mallya Story, by journalist K. Giriprakash, chronicles the big events in the flamboyant billionaire’s life in these 29 years and his rise and fall in the public imagination as chairman of the United Breweries (UB) Group. The Vijay Mallya Story is an extraordinarily detailed and lively chronicle of the life of one of India’s most celebrated and reviled businessmen—Vijay Mallya. His extraordinary career spans three decades and is spread across multiple industries. It tracks his meteoric rise with Kingfisher and how the airline led to his downfall.

This is an unauthorized biography. Comments from Mallya could have significantly enhanced the value of the book. It reads more like a business biography than a personal profile.