Reimagining India: Unlocking the Potential of Asia’s Next Superpower

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reimagining indiaBy Company, McKinsey

Simon & Schuster, 2013

India—vibrant, chaotic, and tumultuous—remains one of the most important and least understood nations on earth. Its rising economy and burgeoning middle class have earned India a place alongside China as one of the world’s two indispensable emerging markets. India’s tech-savvy entrepreneurs and rapidly globalizing firms are transforming the competitive landscape of the world economy. Yet the country’s prospects are uncertain. Will poverty, corruption, political paralysis, and inadequate infrastructure thwart India’s continued rise? What is India’s true potential? And what can be done to unlock it?

Reimagining India, commissioned and edited by McKinsey & Company, the world’s premier management consulting firm, brings together an unprecedented collection of writers and thinkers to address those crucial questions.