Corrugated Slices: The Social Jalebi

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corrugatedCorrugated Slices: The Social Jalebi
By Shombit Sengupta, Sage, January 2015
This third book of The Jalebi Trilogy series, Corrugated Slices: The Social Jalebi is about the feelings a jalebi evokes in us. The fi rst, Jalebi Management, brought varied ideas on how Indian industry can compete globally by creating seamless interconnections like a jalebi.

The jalebi’s opposite character, its unpredictable twists and turns that give it a dicey connotation is Strategic Pokes: The Business Jalebi. Corrugated Slices: The Social Jalebi is a European way of looking at different everyday happenings. Its out-of-the-ordinary insights cover heterogeneous Indian society, be it education, religion, living conditions, films, women’s issues or political slipups while sharing and comparing Indian and international experiences in the same breath.

The book has very innovative ideas–such as “Does thinking exist?” – making you relook at what you already know. The jalebi’s negative-positive infl uence is an absolute connect with Indian and international youth. The bias toward the young generation is obvious, the book is narrated under small subheadings, making it engaging for them who have time and patience on a shoestring.